Individual advice for your success

We are specialists in consulting and placing highly qualified executives and are dedicated to this task. Exchanging ideas, characterization and taking care of candidates are a large part of our activity. 

Getting to know the whole range of your skills and your personality forms the basis of our work. Only in this way we can judge which company with which culture suits you best. Only if company values perfectly fit to your overall personality, a future collaboration can be fruitful and sustainable. 

We only recommend positions for you when the profile requirement matches your professional skills and the company culture is absolutely compatible with your personality. By company culture, we mean above all how the company sees itself and its leadership philosophy. 

Any change of job brings with it opportunities and risks. We offer you great opportunities and reduce the risk of any wrong decision. Consulting you in the best possible way is a responsible task and one that we take very seriously – we also support you throughout the integration process in your new company. 

We cordially invite you to come and talk to us even if you currently do not have any reason to change.